Female intimate surgery

Dr Evgenii Leshunov reviews the present literary data on the history, methods and trends in female intimate surgery

Skin rejuvenation

Dr Zein Obagi discusses designing a treatment plan for optimal results

A journey from there to hair

Dr Greg Williams outlines his path to becoming a Plastic Surgeon—from Jamaica via Canada and ultimately to London to specialise in hair transplant surgery

Lift and rejuvenate

The ageing face can benefit from the use of toxins and fillers, however the use of of reabsorbable sutures with biodirectional cones can offer better results for some indications, explains Dr Kuldeep Minocha

Stimulation and regeneration

Dr Joseph Choukroun discusses platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin

The role of topical growth factors

The role of topical growth factors and cytokines in wound healing has stimulated research to uncover the evolving benefits of growth factors in skin rejuvenation. Dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi explains the science


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  • Patient care could be undermined without more female surgeons

    The President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Clare Marx has warned that the quality of care patients receive could be affected—unless society and the medical profession do more to attract women into surgery... Read more

  • Lipofilling doesn’t increase recurrent breast cancer risk

    For women undergoing breast cancer surgery, a technique called lipofilling – using the patient’s own fat cells to optimise the results of breast reconstruction – does not increase the risk of recurrent breast cancer, reports a study... Read more

  • Ideas of smile perfection evolving

    A leading London dental clinic has seen a 30% rise in patients wanting treatment to look better in self-portrait pictures. Dentistry trends are evolving due to smartphone selfies. The craze isn’t just driving demand for teeth whitening and other cosmetic work... Read more