Dealing with injectable complications

The Expert Consensus on Complications of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Treatment, second edition was created by a group of UK practitioners headed by Mr Christopher Inglefield. Mr Inglefield outlines the motivations and aims for creating guidelines and Marie Duckett offers her advice on the vital role of managing patient expectations in order to avoid complications

Business models

Dr Mark Tager shares his tips for a successful practice: how to convert prospects into customers and develop a strong brand


Dr Beth Briden looks at the causes of hyperpigmentation in darker skin types and how chemical peeling can be combined with other treatments including laser to improve the appearance of the skin

Damage limitation

Chiza Westcarr looks at managing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation risks in ethnic skin

Assessment in clinical practice

Kimberly Taylor considers a patient centred approach to clinical assessment, and offers advice on how to deal with different personality types and management for effective outcomes

Eye candy

Dr Raj Persaud and Prof Adrian Furnham examine the latest psychological research on attraction and infidelity—can ‘eye candy’ always be resisted?


  • New research into gluteoplasty and labiaplasty surgery

    Fernando Serra, MD, and colleagues of Pedro Ernesto University Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, evaluated changes in the gluteus muscle in women undergoing placement of silicone implants to improve buttock shape... Read more

  • Obesity related to brain’s opioid system

    Researchers at Aalto University and the University of Turku have found obesity is associated with altered opioid neurotransmission in the brain. Research published in The Journal of Neuroscience, found that obesity is associated with... Read more

  • Ubiquinone may not act as previously believed

    Ubiquinone—also known as Coenzyme Q10—is a dietary supplement often used to reduce the effects of ageing. However, a new study lead by Professor Siegfried Hekimi, at McGill University, Canada and recently published... Read more

  • Toxins safe to treat facial paralysis in children

    A safe procedure to improve the smiles of children by restoring lip symmetry in those with facial paralysis. Often used as a treatment to achieve facial symmetry in adults after facial paralysis botulinum toxin A... Read more


  • SkinCeuticals Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF30

    SkinCeuticals have launched their new anti-ageing and sun protection eye formula. The Mineral Eye UV Defense is designed to PROTECT...

  • Lutronic

    Lutronic currently offers three aesthetic devices; Infini, Clarity and Spectra XT. These systems are said to offer minimally invasive clinical solutions for treating scars and stretch marks...

  • Essential Recovery Kit

    Skincare manufacturer Episciences has launched an aftercare range for patients who have undergone moderate to deep skin rejuvenation procedures.

  • Sharon Stone becomes Restylane ambassador

    The Proof in Real Life campaign was unveiled at AMWC and is aimed to help demonstrate the natural looking results of Restylane...