Training and accreditation

Our expert panel debate training requirements and regulation in the medical aestheitc industry

Light stimulation

Dr Stephen Eubanks explores using low-level light to trigger a biologic response and effectively treat acne and rosacea

Wide awake

Dr David Eccleston considers the challenges of periorbital rejuvenation

Treating hyperpigmentation in darker skin using topicals

Dr Zein Obagi shares his advice on how to treat pigmentation using a step-by-step approach to reduce skin sensitivity, stabilise cells, control melanocytes and address the correct depth

Body ideals

Are ‘hookups’ changing the way men and women view each other? Dr Raj Persaud and Prof Kathleen Martin Ginis look at the research

Burn scar rejuvenation

Achieving improvement in burn scars can be tricky, however Dr Matthias Aust describes how medical needling can offer a solution


  • Rise in over 65s having cosmetic surgery

    In their first annual plastic surgery insight survey, almost two thirds (64%) of Nuffield Health surgeons—who between them carry out 1 in 10 UK cosmetic procedures—reported an increase in older people seeking surgery... Read more

  • Think Over Before You Makeover

    BAPRAS launches ‘Think Over Before You Makeover’ campaign aimed at raising consumer awareness of safe and appropriate cosmetic surgery. For Think Over Before You Make Over, BAPRAS conducted a major national study of attitudes... Read more

  • Complementary health approaches

    Non-vitamin, non-mineral dietary supplements were the most popular complementary health approach used by Americans between 2002 and 2012 according to a complementary health questionnaire administered in the USA... Read more

  • Inactivity more dangerous than obesity

    Taking a brisk 20-minute daily walk could lessen an inactive person’s risk of early death, a University of Cambridge study has revealed. Lack of exercise is twice as likely to cause early death as being overweight or obese... Read more


  • PicoWay in Harley Street

    The first PicoWay—the picosecond tattoo removal device—has been installed at the PHI Clinic in Harley Street. Dr Tapan Patel, the owner and director of the PHI Clinic...

  • App identifies skin lesions

    A new app that could play a vital role in the clinical detection of skin cancer, is being offered free to practitioners, physicians and dermatologists in the United Kingdom...

  • iiaa named in ‘1000 Companies to inspire Britain’

    The London Stock Exchange has revealed its top '1000 Companies to inspire Britain', a report comprising fast-growing and dynamic small...

  • Patient satisfaction

    Dr Beatriz Molina has conducted the first survey of its kind to assess the relationship between treatment of glabellar lines with botulinum toxin injections and patient satisfaction...