Quality of life

Dr Ravi Jandhyala talks about the methods to assess the impact of botulinum toxin type A on patients’ quality of life

Treatment outcomes

Dr Stefan Cano, Dr Ravi Jandhyala and Dr Kimberley Taylor discuss the importance of measuring and reporting on patients’ treatment outcomes for optimising patient care

Inadequate training

Barbara Freytag discusses the impact of the rapid expansion of the aesthetics industry, and highlights how education is a vital part of regulation

Using toxins therapeutically

Dr James Willis examines how facial aesthetic practitioners can provide therapeutic use of botulinum toxin to benefit patients

Combination treatments

Why use fractional radiofrequency when lasers give such great results? Dr Diane Duncan says the answer is simple: fractional RF can do things that laser cannot

Dealing with injectable complications

The Expert Consensus on Complications of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Treatment, second edition was created by a group of UK practitioners headed by Mr Christopher Inglefield. Mr Inglefield outlines the motivations and aims for creating guidelines and Marie Duckett offers her advice on the vital role of managing patient expectations in order to avoid complications


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