Hand remodelling treatments

The hands are often one of the first areas to display visible signs of ageing, leading patients to seek rejuvenating treatments. Debbie Thomas explores the ageing process and what can be done to regain a more youthful appearance

Killer heels

Dr Mark Hamilton walks us through the use of dermal fillers in feet to address stiletto metatarsalgia

Treating unwanted hair

Christine Hart examines the treatment of unwanted facial hair in male to female gender dysphoric patients and women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Pyroptosis of fat

Dr Diane Duncan discusses the BodyFX treatment and how cell death mechanisms affect clinical results

Peach fuzz

Sujata Jolly talks about fitting treatment of vellus hair where photo-epilation often fails

Great expectations

Mr Andrew Andrews discusses the importance of legalities in body contouring and wellness


  • Antiobiotic filled implants aid healing

    Rice University researchers are developing temporary implants for facial reconstruction, which incorporate a unique way to deliver time-released antibiotics to ward off infection while a patient heals. The lab’s specialised plastic space maintainers... Read more

  • Toxins + dermal fillers = longer lasting results

    A simple technique has been found for for prolonging the effects of HA dermal fillers: using them together with botulinum toxin. Chemodenervation using botulinum neurotoxin-A (BoNT-A) can prolong the life of the HA fillers by reducing... Read more

  • Full face transplant success

    NYU Langone Medical Center have announced the successful completion of the most extensive face transplant to date, setting new standards of care in this emerging field. The surgery—the first of its kind performed in New York State... Read more

  • There is no need to be scar-ed

    Researchers commissioned by Science of Skin have delved into the psychological impact of visible scars in men and questioned 250 men with scars on their face neck or hands. Nearly a third said they feel the need to change their behaviour when first meeting people... Read more