Automated FUE hair transplant

DR FRÉDÉRIC MENU was one of the first doctors to propose the S.A.F.E.R./NeoGraft procedure in his clinic. He describes the features and benefits of the device


Dermatologist Dr Christoph Martschin examines the role of hyaluronic acid skin boosters in skin rejuvenation

Thread lifts

Miss Zahida Butt and Mr Bijan Beigi present a case report on the use of Silhouette Soft as a non-surgical option to treat facial nerve palsy

The light solution

Medications can be useful to treat pattern hair loss, however there are often issues with compliance and side effects. Dr Nilofer Farjo discusses an alternative—low-level laser therapy

Facial anatomy

Understanding facial anatomy and good injection technique are vital for the provision of safe injectable treatments. Dr Askari Townshend offers his five key facts for best practice to avoid complications and achieve optimal aesthetic results


Scalp tattooing can be a successful way of disguising hair loss. Dawn Forshaw discusses how micropigmentation can benefit both men and women by offering a permanent solution for hair loss


  • Register for certified cosmetic surgeons

    The Royal College of Surgeons proposes a register of certified cosmetic surgeons as existing regulation does not provide enough protection for patients. A register of certified surgeons should be available to the public to help them make... Read more

  • Surgical outcomes should be published

    Sir Bruce Keogh calls for transparency to encorage surgeons to improve performance. Sir Bruce Keogh’s has said that surgeons have a ‘moral responsibility’ for transparent operation results, as a website is launched which contains data on outcomes... Read more

  • Process of care improved

    Processes of care for breast reconstruction improved by centralisation. A study shows that the centralisation of breast cancer care into a comprehensive breast centre (CBC) has a positive impact on care processes... Read more

  • ISAPS warn about medical tourism

    ISAPS have called for advocacy and changes to global legislation, warning people who go looking for inexpensive cosmetic surgical procedures, particularly abroad, to be aware... Read more


  • RushOLash

    Novacutis announce the launch of RushOLash, the latest technology in eyelash enhancement serum made in the USA. Unlike other eyelash enhancers and treatments, RushOLash...

  • Beyond MediSpa launch new clinics

    2015 sees the launch of two new Beyond MediSpa clinic locations within Harvey Nichols in Manchester and Leeds. Founded in 2006 by cosmetic surgeon...

  • iS Clinical Ultimate Skin Prep Kit 

    iS Clinical, the advanced cosmeceutical skincare house, have combined their “hero” skin essentials to present the new Ultimate Skin Prep Kit, said to optimise...

  • Advanced consultation training

    ACT will be launched in early 2015, and is aimed at giving medical aesthetic practitioners the tools they need to manage patient expectation...