Online temperature measurement

In selective radiofrequency treatments little has been studied regarding in-depth tissue temperatures. Dr Ludmila Stanislavovna Ellis shares her findings on online temperatures during radiofrequency treatment using the Vanquish from BTL Industries

From mouth to dermis

Dr Raina Adami looks at oral nutraceuticals and whether ingesting ingredients really can create anti-ageing solutions from within

Advertising standards

Lorna Jackson talks about advertising standards compliance in the medical aesthetic industry and how to avoid the pitfalls

The evolution of hair restoration surgery

The origins of hair restoration surgery lie far further back than one might expect, but the methods used over half a century ago closely resemble many of those used today. Dr Greg Williams explores the history of this fascinating field

Robotic FUE hair transplants

Mr Edward Ball was the first hair surgeon in Europe to introduce a hair transplant robot to his practice. He discusses the technology, its development, its benefits and limitations and a look to the future

Hair transplant success

How do you achieve the best results in the art of hair transplantation? Is it about FUE, strip surgery or the tools? Dr Bessam Farjo discusses how to achieve success using state-of-the-art techniques



  • Advanced consultation training

    ACT will be launched in early 2015, and is aimed at giving medical aesthetic practitioners the tools they need to manage patient expectation...

  • MyFaceMyBody Award winners

    Held at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, the MyFaceMyBody Awards held on November 1st hosts members of the cosmetic, aesthetic and dental industries...

  • Dermalogica founder receives award

    Jane Wurwand, the Founder, Co-Owner and Chief Visionary of Dermalogica and The International Dermal Instiute (IDI), and...

  • PureSense Redensity [II]

    PureSense Redensity [II] has been designed to answer a significant concern for patients and offer help to treat dark hollow circles, tear trough palpebromalar ...