Skincare products

Our expert panel provides recommendations on a range of skincare products for different indications, including sunscreens, growth factors and antioxidants

Regulation of cosmetic interventions

Since the 2013 Keogh Report set out recommendations to improve safety for non-surgical cosmetic surgery patients, progress has been disappointing, writes Mr Chris Inglefield

In a new light

Hydroquinone is the controversial gold standard for skin lightening but there are a number of newer alternatives on the market. Dr Mukta Sachdev discusses current and emerging treatment options

Prominent ears

Ear deformity is a common aesthetic complaint among children and adults. Mr Shailesh Vadodaria describes the non-surgical and surgical treatment options for correcting prominent ears



  • MelanoLyte Serum

    MelanoLyte Pigment Perfecting Serum is a night treatment to target unwanted dark spots and help achieve a more even complexion with minimal to no irritation.

  • Med Contour

    Med Contour is a non-surgical body contouring treatment which uses ultrasound and cavitation technology to break down fat cells in problem areas without damage or scarring to the skin.

  • Scandfit

    Scandfit have launched a range of designer underwear for breast augmentation patients. They offer a white label service to provide clinics and surgeons with a signature colour.

  • Skinade

    Skinade is a 150ml drink, formulated to maintain hydration and skin function from within. Skinade say it delivers collagen and micronutrients in liquid form, to promote healthier, younger-looking skin.