Turn on, tune in, tighten up

Martin Coady looks at the uses of combining ultrasound and radiofrequency as an effective treatment for skin tightening

Earlobe rejuvenation

Dr Kathryn Taylor-Barnes discusses why the aesthetic industry may see an increase in earlobe plumping using dermal fillers

The evidence behind vitamin therapy— science or hype?

Professor Syed Haq examines the clinical research behind intravenous vitamin therapy, which has been popularised in recent years by celebrity endorsements

Social media

Wendy Lewis simplifies the complex world of social media

Super-saturated oxygen emulsions

Dr Mark Rubin talks about driving oxygen to the surface of the skin using Cutagenesis

Simple, effective and inexpensive skin treatments

Dr Christopher Rowland-Payne discusses alternatives to expensive devices for the treatment of moles, brown spots, unwanted thread veins and scars


  • Non-surgical treatment enquiries rise by more than half in six months

    Demand for dermal fillers, mole removal and thread lifts top the list, as patients opt for alternatives to surgical procedures. has revealed its mid-year round up of ‘medical aesthetic’ trends... Read more

  • Botox can increase skin pliability and elasticity

    Study shows effect of onabotulinum toxin injections similar to a radiofrequency procedure. Skin pliability and elasticity improved for up to four months after treatment with onabotulinum toxin (Botox) for mild facial wrinkle... Read more

  • Communication tool could reduce surgical mortality by two thirds

    The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh has highlighted a communication tool first created for the nuclear submarine industry and later more widely used by the military and aviation sectors as... Read more

  • Tattoo regret

    In response to the launch of PicoWay, Syneron-Candela carried out a survey of 2,000 men and women in the UK to find out what consumers regretted most about their tattoos. 39% of adults regret having their tattoo done. Partner’s names were cited as the most regrettable choice... Read more