Lifestyle and ageing

Lifestyle choices are critical influences on how long we are likely to live and how good our skin will look along the way. In the second of her two-part series, Dr Stefanie Williams looks at how stress can be a significant ageing factor, not only for our skin, but our entire body.

Cosmetic compliance

Industry guidelines have been put in place to ensure patients make informed decisions about cosmetic treatment, but many websites use aggressive marketing to entice new customers. Dr Sohaib Rufai and Mr Christopher Davis investigate whether providers and cosmetic surgeons are complying with the latest regulations

Hormone balance

Different types of hormones have different effects on our skin. As we age our hormones can become imbalanced and cause skin problems and ageing. Dr Terry Loong shares some common hormonal problems affecting the skin and reveals some simple actions for hormone and skin optimisation

Planning a clinic

The look and atmosphere of your clinic can make as much difference to your image as the quality of your treatment. Michael Polakov, who has spent 27 years in medical architecture, explains how to show your practice at its best



  • Dermaquest UK

    Dermaquest UK has relaunched with eight skincare collections for aestheticians, physicians and at home use.

  • Sheald Recovery Balm

    iS clinical have launched Sheald Recovery Balm, designed to address the needs of post procedure and compromised skin.

  • Aneva Derma

    A new neutraceutical skin beverage, Aneva Derma contains arthred hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid alongside various nutritional extracts.

  • Isolaz 2

    Isolaz 2 is a device that combines vacuum, broadband light and topical skincare products to treat acne.