Bocouture approved to treat upper facial lines

Merz Aesthetics announces Bocouture has been approved by the MHRA for treatment of upper facial lines

bocoutureMerz Pharma UK Ltd has announced that Bocouture has been approved by the MHRA for the treatment of upper facial lines, including horizontal frown lines, lateral periorbital lines and glabellar frown lines. Bocouture is currently the only neurotoxin approved in the UK for this combined upper facial lines indication.

“Merz is a global leader in the aesthetics space and is proud to be able to provide patients and physicians in the UK with the first and only aesthetic neurotoxin approved for combination treatment of upper facial lines,” stated Stuart Rose, Managing Director of Merz Pharma UK. “This expanded indication for Bocouture is a result of our ongoing investment in research and development and supports our Vision to become the most Admired, Trusted and Innovative aesthetics and neurotoxins company worldwide.”

Recent market research has indicated that the rejuvenation of upper facial lines is one of the most requested aesthetic procedures among both existing patients and those considering treatment. In clinical practice, many patients request combined treatment of upper facial lines in a single session to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

“As the only neurotoxin treatment approved for the simultaneous treatment of upper facial lines, Bocouture supports aesthetic practitioners in their day to day practice and enables them to provide their patients with well tolerated and effective treatments with confidence,” said Lucy Dowling, Brand Manager, Merz Aesthetics. “We are very proud of the fact that, while Bocouture was not the first toxin to enter the UK aesthetics market, it is the first product to achieve this important milestone.”

The approval of this new treatment indication is based on the results of a pivotal randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 study with 156 patients from United Kingdom, France and Germany receiving treatment of upper facial lines with Bocouture. Clinical trial data demonstrates that Bocouture has a favourable safety and efficacy profile in treating upper facial lines, both combined and separately, with treatment effects maintained for up to four months.

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