“Dr Miami” uses snapchat to record surgeries

“Dr Miami” uses snapchat to record surgeries

Miami plastic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer has managed to gather one of the largest followings on Snapchat by using it to document procedures

snapchatIn a recent profile for Vanity Fair, Salzhauer allowed the world a behind-the-scenes look at how he got nearly 821,000 people to watch him perform plastic surgery every day.

Salzhauer, better known as “Dr Miami,” has millions of Snapchat fans and hundreds of new patients as a result of using the app during his patients’ surgeries.

“Snapchat and social media has allowed us to show our work to an audience that we would never be able to reach if I had run a local commercial, you know?” Salzhauer told ABC News’ “Nightline.” “Social media allows us to draw patients from really everywhere. I have a travel concierge now.”

Salzhauer was banned for Instagram for being too graphic, so his 16-year-old daughter introduced him to Snapchat. He now has two full-time employees who Snapchat his activities from the moment he walks through the door and into the operating room.

Things have matured since Salzhauer first started documenting his surgeries using Snapchat, when maybe one in three patients would allow to him to record their surgeries—people now come asking to be on Snapchat.

Salzhauer insists that Snapchat doesn’t distract him in the operating room, and so far, Salzhauer said, no lawsuits stemming from his Snapchat use have come his way.

“We’re careful. We hope it never happens, but I think, like, body cameras on police and cameras in schools are a good thing too, you know? It keeps everybody focused, and, you know, it’s helpful to go back to the videotape and see,” Salzhauer told ABC News. “I think all surgery should be on tape. I feel like that—what’s wrong with transparency?”

Every Snapchat is orchestrated to maximise the impact on social media, he says, and his popularity only seems to be growing. He came in second place for the 2016 Shorty Award Snapchatter of the Year, losing to DJ Khaled. And his practice has also exploded. Salzhauer has had to stop accepting new appointments, currently has a backlog of appointments stretching forward for more than a year—and there’s a waiting list.

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