Lighting up acne treatment


Lighting up acne treatment

Jane Lewis reflects on using Isolaz, a device that can be used alone to treat acne, or combined with conventional therapies

I’ve been practicing as a nurse in this industry for 29 years and I love treating acne patients. Not everybody wants to deal with acne patients, but I find it to be very rewarding, as you can really change people’s lives.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease, for which there is no cure—what we do as practitioners is help the patients manage their condition. Acne manifests with both blackheads and whiteheads. I often get people coming to me thinking that they don’t have acne at all because they just have blackheads, so part of managing the condition is about education and allowing them to understand their disease and how they may be able to manage it better. In my clinic we see clients with different grades of acne and we use the“Leeds scale” determine what treatment the clients may be offered.

Using Isolaz for acne
Isolaz (Inside Out Light Amplification Treatment Zone ) is a device that treats acne. This device gently sucks the pore outwards, opening it up and emptying the pore. Isolaz has FDA approval to treat mild to moderate acne.

It uses photopneumatic therapy, which offers a unique combination of vacuum extraction, broadband light and the ability to have an enhancement in topical product application. It was developed and first marketed by Aesthera Corporation in 2002, was bought by Solta Medical in 2008 who are part of the Valeant group of companies. Currently there are three generations of this device on the market, the latest being Isolaz two.

Isolaz is a simple treatment to perform and allows safe treatment for all skin types with less energy. The device manipulates the skin, pulling it closer to the surface, so that you change the optics of the skin, reducing some of the side effects of other lasers. To treat, the tip is placed over the skin and passed over the whole of the affected area, changing the amount of suction you need.

Patients’ feedback is that they see changes within 24 to 48 hours, including flattening of the lesion and reduced redness.

It uses a positive vacuum, which doesn’t cause trauma on the skin. Pores are mechanically cleansed through vacuum suction

The vacuum stretches skin by 23% which changes the optics which gives better light absorption. Ssebum is evacuated while follicular ostia dislodged.

Isolaz uses broadband light (400-1200nm) which kills bacteria beneath the skin and creates heat shock to sebaceous gland which reduces oil production.

The clearance rate is good. Sometimes patients leave looking a little bit more swollen than when they came in, but they can have treatments on as little as a weekly basis.

I always tell my patients that this is not a cure for acne. I use the VISIA from Canfield to take a base line and on-going pictures and then compare the improvement it show the clients the decreasing size of the pores, the reduction in porphyrins and spot count and redness. They’ll also see some of the redness that’s associated with the red macular scarring reducing even after one treatment

Jane Lewis has been the Director of Clinical Training of Solta Medical for four years and has been using Isolaz for eight years in clinical practice.


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