Patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction

Dr Beatriz Molina has conducted the first survey of its kind to assess the relationship between treatment with botulinum toxin injections and patient satisfaction

The study, which has recently been published in the Aesthetics Journal, established how patients feel about the results of toxin injections for glabellar lines.

A total of 66 European clinics were involved in the study, recruiting 559 patients between the ages of 18 and 64 years old with moderate to severe glabellar lines. Patients were treated with botulinum toxin type A and then asked to complete two questionnaires, at three weeks and four months post injection.

Results showed that 93.4% and 88.7% considered their results ‘surpassed’ or ‘met’ their expectations at week three and month four respectively. Interestingly, the main reasons given for satisfaction were due to natural appearance, a rested look and comfort of injection.

Dr Molina said, “We’ve long understood cosmetic medicine can support a patient’s general well-being and I believe it’s crucial we conduct more formal studies like this to aid our understanding of patient satisfaction.” 

“I also believe this shows the importance of psychological training within the structure of aesthetics and medical training. 

“Exposing medical students to psychological practice and concepts is crucial to ensure only suitable patients who are sound of judgement receive aesthetic treatment.” 

Dr Molina hopes to carry out a further study during 2015, relating to cosmetic treatment on lines around the mouth.

Dr Beatriz Molina

Dr Beatriz Molina—pioneering research into patient satisfaction

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