Secrets to a successful blog

blogging2Secrets to a successful blog

A blog can be a useful addition to your website, providing users with relevant and up-to-date information and building trust with potential clients. John Castro explains how blogging can help your business grow


The most popular website blog, The Huffington Post, benefits from 105 million unique visitors per month. In 2013 they saw a 20 million unique visitor increase to the previous year, which was 85 million.

This is an extreme example, but demonstrates the ever-growing need for regular information and the desire to receive it in “real time” is growing at a fast pace—a pace few are keeping up with.

Using such an example as The Huffington Post may seem unusual, as they are a news company. However, their website is simply a blog. It’s a place they add blog posts to daily and they are blogging the right way.

We must understand that users are fed up of seeing and receiving junk online, which has been around since the Internet was created. The growth of junk across the web has even encouraged Google to change how they rank websites on their first page.

Within the next year, there will be no website on the first page of Google results that does not have a blog or recent news area. A blog has become a must, even when putting together a Google Search Campaign.

Today the Internet gives us so much information and, in many cases, we use this information to make buying decisions. A blog gives us the opportunity to supply relevant and up to date information that, in turn, will support buying from you.


Aesthetic businesses have an opportunity. Your primary aim is to build trust through your online marketing activity. Do not spam potential clients with offers and deals—especially with recent debates based around the Keogh report.

Set the standard now and not later. Setting up and running your own blog can help do this.

I use the word running, as most people think blogging will be one more thing they need to dedicate a substantial amount of time to. However, this isn’t the case. A blog doesn’t require the attention and effort some may think—we are not trying to be The Huffington Post.

Within the medical aesthetic industry, blogging gives website visitors more opportunity to trust you, engage with you and interact with you. This is our intention—to gain trust.

There are three main reasons to start blogging to help your aesthetic business bring in new potential clients.

Become the trust agent 

The real task for any aesthetic businesses is to gain the trust of potential new clients. Most practitioners are experts when it comes to trust building, but require a face to face consultation to do so. It is possible to gain clients trust beforehand, so that consultations merely relate to treatments.

Blogging will show you are putting in that little bit extra to give potential clients as much value as you can. It helps because when someone visits your website they can see that it’s up to date with relevant and new information about your industry, treatments, client experiences and industry events.

As human beings we love more, so give more to your website visitors and start blogging.

Engagement delivers  

Engagement is so undervalued. We use the word “engagement” in relation to commitment. I encourage you to look at a blog the same way. A blog engages your audience and has them commit to you for a specific period of time. They have taken time to read your information and that is commitment.

You gain their interest by providing them with content that no one else does. Do this regularly and you will begin to see how your blog posts play a big part in generating new leads to your aesthetic business from your website.

Interact and you will attract  

One of the most difficult parts in any blogger’s agenda is to get the users to interact but if you get this right, you are on to a real winner. Interaction with the user encourages enquiries—you are asking them to take a specific action related to your blog post, meaning you have all their attention and they are listening to you.

The best way to get interaction is mix it up in blogs by adding videos, Facebook “like” buttons, share buttons for social media and comment boxes for them to leave their thoughts on your blog.

All of these get the reader interacting and if you keep your blog posts interesting, informative and up to date, website visitors will encourage their community—more potential clients—to read by sharing them. Get this right and people will return repeatedly to your website and will start sending more potential clients your way.

Blogging can play a major role in the ability of your website to generate new client enquiries. Internet users today want new information daily and the more you can supply them with, the more they will consider coming to you or telling people about you.

Be informative and creative when writing blogs. Two to four posts per month is enough—don’t think you need to bombard your readers by posting daily.

John Castro is the CEO at Websites for Cosmetics. W:; E:


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