Silhouette Soft—new indications


Silhouette Soft—new indications

Areas of the face that can be treated with Silhouette Soft has been extended to include neck and eyebrows

The neck and eyebrows are historically notoriously hard to improve in appearance with non-invasive aesthetic treatments, but now Silhouette Soft can be added to the aesthetic doctor’s arsenal in order to offer minimally invasive lifting to address a wide range of patients’ needs.

Silhouette Soft is a non surgical method which lifts the skin by using re-absorbable surgical threads made of polylactic acid dotted with a series of bi-directional cones to lift subcutaneous tissue and stimulate collagen. The treatment is preformed using local anaesthetic and offers a two-phased result: an immediate lifting effect followed by a gradual regenerative effect as the body is stimulated to produce type 1 collagen.

Sinclair Pharma’s CEO, Chris Spooner hails Silhouette Soft as the only product on the market that can help to “defy gravity”, both for patients and for its business growth potential. So said as more patients are searching for minimally invasive, treatments with little down-time.

Training courses are offered weekly by Sinclair Pharma for doctors, and include an ongoing mentoring programme.

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