Dr Ariel Haus discusses the success of ultrasound use for body reshaping

thermoUltrasound has various uses in medicine, both diagnostically and thermo-therapeutically—but for reshaping the body in aesthetic medicine our interest lies in its mechanical therapeutic capabilities.

Treating fat

You can remove fat by either heating it, freeze it, or breaking it down with sound waves.

Ultrasound treatment uses the peaks and dips in the pressure created by sound waves to alter body tissue. Maximum pressure is found at the peaks and the minimum at the dips.

Technology has changed a lot since the first devices I was using some 15 years ago when there was no focus ultrasound, and wave penetration only occurred in the more superficial fat—not deeper the epidermis or the dermis, where the latest technology can treat.

Today, using a focused ultrasound, the energy can go quite deep, and once it penetrates deeper into the subcutaneous fat, not only can the intensity can be increased, certain areas can be targeted with greater precision.

Using a 200khz device, features such as pulse mode allows the user to control the temperature. This offers an important element to treatment and contrast to continuous mode, which can cause the tissues very close to the transducer to overheat, which can cause the patient pain and other side effects.

Focused ultrasound energy can penetrate up to 1.5 centimetres without discomfort, because it uses intermittent pulse waves, which causes no overheating. It’s a mechanical effect, and it’s a permanent immediate effect, that only targets the fat cells, while key blood vessels and the connective tissue are preserved.

When we treat with ultrasound, the fragile membrane of the adipose sites can be broken by the sound waves to release the fat. The connective tissue, blood vessels and skin is preserved, which for me this is an important part of choosing to use this technology. When ultrasound is used to break down the membrane and release the fat, 50% occurs very quickly, and then the body’s metabolism acts on the rest to eliminate it in natural ways. Depending on the depth, treating with high intensity focussed ultrasound can create tissue tightening, does not create fibrous tissue and can only destroy fat.


Many clinical papers and peer reviews exist on this technology, showing studies with amazing data, including circumference reduction of up to 6.3cm.

In a recent study I looked at 43 patients, skin type one to five, 41 female and two male. My protocol was three treatments, two weeks apart and the result was an improvement for all the 43 patients in the study. At the 12 week follow up, the improvement was 32.3%; while in terms of circumference reduction at 12 weeks follow up this was 2.62 centimetres. Over 80% of the patients showed improvement just after the first treatment.

It’s important to note that the pain level in this case—which was rated between zero and 10—was 0.68, which means pain free. The treatment is very comfortable. I can attest to having had this treatment done on me and feeling no pain and having no side effects.

Reshaping procedure

First the area to be treated is mapped. A device such as Ultrashape Power can calculate and track how many pulses are needed for an area, so it’s very precise. Many different areas can be treated, including abdomen, flanks, thighs, inner thighs, arms, and glutes.

Ultrasound can be used to treat those with a BMI above 28 with great success. In terms of the satisfaction, 94% of the patients feel happy with the treatment, and over 93% feel pain free when this treatment is carried out well.


Ultrashape Power is the most effective and safe device for non-invasive long lasting fat destruction.

Dr Ariel Haus offers a variety of non and minimally invasive treatments from his Harley Street clinic, in the NHS and by arrangement in Rio de Janeiro.

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